Great news! A brand new mind-blowing 2-day course for Future Leaders, in English! In collaboration with Hillebrink traint., we've designed a high impact training which we will provide in the area of Eindhoven. 

In this current time, where the economy is flourishing and businesses are growing very rapidly, change is the new status quo! The impact and amount of changes in our businesses and teams is increasing day by day. This is great news of course! But how do you keep up as a (upcoming) leader?


One of the new challenges for (upcoming) leaders; how do you keep your teams together? How to keep all the knowledge and potential they have inside? Competitors are lurking and take away your most valuable team members. What to do about the productivity losses that comes with it? How will customers respond?

Our FUTURE LEADERS training is a two-day course, tailor made for each individual who will participate. Therefor you will have a short interview with us before the training, where we will assess and map your room for improvement.

For who is it?

For everybody who is facing big challenges as an (upcoming) leader, within their teams or their selves.

Why in English?

As Multi-Cultural as the Netherlands is, and where almost every “Dutchee” is speaking English fluently, there is not one “tailor-made” Leadership training in English. And that’s a shame, because by bringing a Multi-Cultural group together in a training, we believe there is even more to learn!

When and Where?

October 9 & 10 in Eindhoven. Exact location to be announced soon.

What are the costs?

€ 1295,- (excl. VAT)

Sign up!

remco@footworkstrainingen.nl | Dukaat 66, 1628 PR Hoorn | Tel: 06 - 37 44 50 90

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